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CoverKing Custom Car Covers

Custom Fit Car Covers by CoverKing Provide a Superior Design & Fit

CoverKing Custom Fit Car Covers have developed a very wide selection of styles and materials so that they can be sure they have a cover for every need. A Car cover will protect your vehicle from rain, snow, slush and UV damage as well as prying eyes and environmental hazards like bird droppings and tree sap. CoverKing has designed an extensive line of vehicle covers so you can keep your car cleaner, protect it from rain and sun damage and even from dust and dings while it's parked in the garage for storage. Cover King Custom Car Covers. Thousands of patterns, multiple water resistant materials.

Because this is a custom item, lead time is 2-3 wks These are custom made items, if therefore cannot be returned or exchanged. In some instances of custom, made to order items, a 20% material fee may be incurred for any cancelled orders.

Find Your Custom Car Cover: click here to find a custom car cover for your vehicle. Thousands of Patterns, colors and options for Coverking Car Covers.

CoverKing Materials Coverking has a wide selection of materials, each selected to meet a particular cover need and budget. There are 6 criteria used for Custom Car Cover Materials, and an explanation of each.

Water Resistance is a relative grade (scale of 1-5) of how much water will penetrate the fabric. A "5" signifies the most water resistant material. WATERPROOF materials will not breathe, trapping moisture. All Coverking Car Cover materials are water resistant, not waterproof.

UV Protection: The Sun's UV Rays damage a vehicle's interior, finish, and also the car cover material. Materials with a "5" rating are most likely NOT to degrade under extreme sun conditions.

Breathability describes how much moisture vapor trapped under the vehicle can escape through the cover. If a material is not breathable, it will trap moisture and cause rust. A "5" signifies the most breathable material.

Natural and Man-Made Hazards, such as bird droppings, tree droppings and industrial fall out are very acidic, and can eat through a car's finish. A score of "5" identifies the material most resistant to these dangerous chemicals.

Compactness measures how easily the material is to pack, and how small the final packed cover is. A score of "5" identifies the most compact cover. This is an important attribute if you will use your cover often.

Material Feeling - All Coverking materials are designed not to scratch a vehicle's finish (assuming the vehicle is clean when the cover is installed. However, some materials are softer than others. A "5" rating is the softest.

Stretch Satin™ Car Covers
The Stretch Satin Covers by CoverKing are the softest fabric available for your vehicle. They are made of a Lycra yarn and are designed to hug every curve. They often get the nickname Sexy Car Cover.

  • Great for Indoor use / Will fade if exposed to sun
  • Not a water resistant car cover
  • Invisible seams
  • 1 yr pro-rated warranty
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    Triguard™ Car Covers Triguard Custom Carcovers by Coverking. Chevy Carcovers, Dodge Car Covers Ford Car Covers and More.Triguard custom car covers. Car covers for SUV and CUV car covers.  Protect your Cars, cover your Hybrid or crossover and SUV car covers. Something for everyone.
    This lightweight carcover is suited for light weather conditions and perfect for occasional use and vehicle stored in a garage or carport. Triguard material is fairly soft and very compact. Not suited for areas with industrial fall out and hard sun and weather.

  • 3 Layer Car Cover
  • Soft & compact
  • 1 yr pro-rated warranty
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    Coverbond 4™ Car Covers Coverbond Custom Car Covers. Mazda Car Covers, Toyota Car Covers, Lexus Car Covers for examples.
    This extra thick car cover will help guard against nicks and dings while protecting your car from dust and moderate weather. Suggested for indoor use, the Coverbond custom cover is suggested for long term storage and not daily use due to it's bulky nature.

  • 4 Layers Thick
  • Great Car Cover for Storage
  • Protects vehicles
  • 1 yr pro-rated warranty
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    Mosom Plus™ Custom Car Cover Mosom Plus custom car covers offer soft inner lining to protect and pamper your vehicles paint. This flocked cotton inner layer is perfect for  Classic Car Covers, Hot Rod Car Covers,  Ford Car Covers, Isuzu Car Covers, Mitsubishi Car Covers among hundreds of other models.
    With two outer layers of spunbound polypropylene, a mirco-porus film as an inner later and a super-soft fabric inner layer to pamper your car. The middle layer provides an excellent rain barrier and the non-woven materiel is unlikely to run if a small rip or tear get started. This is a great all around Custom Car Cover.

  • 4 Layer Car Cover
  • Soft inner layer to protect your paint
  • Excellent middle rain barrier
  • Good all around custom car cover
  • 1 yr pro-rated warranty
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    Silverguard Custom Car Cover Custom car cover with silverguard material is a great general use cover. A Great Chevy Car Cover,
    This car cover is similar to Mosom Plus but with added sun resistance. The Silver coating helps reflect sun but with out a flocked inner layer. This car cover is great for sunny climates and is a good general use car cover.

  • 300 denier polyester material

  • Reflective and water resistant coated Car Cover
  • Suggested for most conditions except extreme rain, snow or ice
  • 1 yr pro-rated warranty
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    Stormproof™ Custom Car Cover Stormproof car covers have amazing water resistantroperties and will last for years. This  car cover is availalbe in many colors and is great as your Toyota car cover, cadillac car cover, buick car cover, honda car cover or Kia car cover just to name a few!
    The Stormproof car covers is an uncoated and untreated material that has properties so it's the same after years and months of use. In other words, the coating won't come off, because it's not coated! Advanced micro-fiber custom car cover material is designed and engineered just for CoverKing. It feels like an expensive golf jacket and is tested to be the MOST water resistant and MOST breathable. This style of Car cover is available in a variety of solid colors and even two-tone colors.

  • Most water resistant car cover
  • Most breathable custom car cover
  • Many color choices
  • Feels soft and luxurious
  • 4 yr pro-rated warranty
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    Autobody Armor™ Custom Car Cover Autobody Armor car cover provides a sleek fitting car cover with all weather protection. Great as a Chevrolet Car cover, ford car cover, Truck car cover, SUV car cover and CUV car cover.
     Revolutionary material makes this cover top of the line! It combines the stretch satin of the sexy car cover and the all weather protection desired for a great custom car cover. A middle layer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) gives this cover the best water resistance on a cover cover. Two outer layers or woven polyester protect the inner layer and yet allow it to breath. Great protection and a perfect fitting car cover.

  • 3 Layers of Material
  • Stretch satin like fit
  • All weather protection car cover
  • Extreme breathability
  • 4 yr pro-rated warranty

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    Find Your Custom Car Cover: click here to find a custom car cover for your vehicle. Thousands of Patterns, colors and options for Coverking Car Covers.

    CoverKing Custom Car Covers protect a vehicle from hazards while providing a clean, custom fit. Coverking spares no expense in creating a custom car cover which fits perfectly, and with the fewest seams possible. Coverking developed the widest selection of custom car cover materials, choosing to engineer it’s own fabrics instead of relying on “off the shelf” materials.

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